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Let the Fat go.

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I survived !

Just came back from CS camp and i am terribly proud of myself that i managed to stay throughout all 5 days. Post camp is basically the hoarse voice and tanned skin, and of course new friends and seniors i’ve made. All in all, i must say i enjoyed myself and it was a really good introduction to CS as well as the people in there. I’m beginning to find myself pretty comfortable and happy with the fact that it is such a small faculty (With bout 180-200 students in a cohort) and that almost everyone seems to know everyone else. Got to know more of the NTU campus itself and quite like the place as well. Some of the halls look like some shagged up chalets though. Like those that you see in Changi that go for maybe $2 per night or something and look suspiciously haunted and Haunted.  

Being the new Outdoorsy and Xtreme me Post Camp, this weekend haven’t been much of a sleeping and recovering from camp. Saturday was Pulau Ubin with the Xtremes and it was awesome ! The last time i went there to cycle was really probably 10 years ago and i’ve been wanting to go back there to cycle. Xtremes were really quite Xtreme this time round. Led by Xtreme Head Dswei, myself, Manda, Tracy, Minqi, Jo and Siyou conquered the terrains and slopes so steep with our rented croaking bikes. Awesome.

As for today, woke up at some ungodly hour (like 6AM) and headed down to Sentosa for Capitaland’s Family Day. The sun today was punishing and by the time it ended, the Niamness was at Level 10. Damn gross. Was knocked out when i got home and felt as if i have not slept for 8 years. And now, just came back from Botak Jones with Dswei and friends for a random Fries chillout.

And behold, i hereby declare a whole new intensive Lose-Weight regime as of Tomorrow 14th July 2008, Monday. Yes, a new revised Diet Plan. I kind of call it – D Plan.

I have decided to strip myself of the whole Holiday-Nuaness and get my big fat ass all sporty again. Lots of Sports and Sun will be included this time, not so much the cutting down of food part cos, You Know I Know, i wil never Never NEVER succeed.  Was depressed during my medical check-up cos the Height & Weight part was yet another horror-show to me. Really depressing to the Maximum. Besides, somehow everyone in CS is so slim and fit. Stress ! Pressure !

Therefore, i have new found belief and determination to succeed this time.



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July 14, 2008 at 12:21 am

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