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Our Lastchillout.

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St Nicks Lastchillout. 

It was an awesomely pleasant night with the comfort food of familiar tastes and old school flavour. Even though the music was way too loud and the lights were way too dim (i have night blindness), the whole event was GREAT. It was a rare opportunity to see so many old girls of St Nicks coming together, enjoying the atmosphere of nostalgia and good times.

Saw many old Old girls and many of them were part of the Cool Senior infatuation days, when we used to gush over how cool or how pretty That senior was. It was also incredibly heartwarming to see everyone getting so excited when the Family Dance song, Line Dance song, Mambo No. 5 song, Secondary School Mass Dance song, Primary School Mass Dance song etc etc, were played towards the end of everything. Memories of how a large part of our school time were spent not in the classroom but on the field waving flags and forming formations that resembled North Korea’s army came flooding back. 

I’m a St Nicks fan.


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March 24, 2009 at 1:23 am

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If only weekends have 3 days.

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Finally resubmitted my Matriculation Photo. I can’t help but feel like a second class citizen in NTU since i appealed in. Somehow, just somehow i always ended up being informed waaay later than the rest. CS FOC camp was like that (in fact i wasn’t informed at all. I went to the blog myself and signed up myself lor.), the really annoying matric photo resubmission thing and now the Hall issue. Roars. It is draining away my initial excitement for school to start se-ri-iously. I was reeally excited.

Anyhow, this weekend was pretty fine. Not too tiring or hectic, just the way i like it. Yesterday was back with Dswei at St Nicks to deliver my Uber rusty and bad speech at the P6 Tea Party. Been a long while since i did public speaking yo. But who cares ! I was just glad to be able to be back at St Nicks just to, you know, Hang Around. Got off to get my bed sheets and Etceteras for Hall. Think my Mum got confused with the fact that i will be moving in into A Room (a very Small room that is) and not exactly into a place that is bigger than A Room. She is buying and planning to buy so many things, as if i’m moving in into a place with a Kitchen, Living Room, Store Room, Balcony and so on. You get my point. Tried convincing her to get me one of those portable Air-Con or cooler or whatever you call it though. But Mama says a Fan is still the way to go.. Alright then.

Saturday night was spent with Jerome and friends for his birthday party at MOS. The crowd was better than the last time i was there with the girls and had quite some fun burning away the Calories. Surprisingly i didn’t get any hangover this morning when i woke up. Contrary to my long history of Allergy to alcohol, i think my body has been training itself for resistance. Good job, Body.

Woke up to my sister’s voice when she just got home from her trip to the US. Was equally excited for her to come home and to see what did she get for her little sister. Got my Ab-Wheel too ! Bought from Amazon a few weeks ago cos after some Trial&Test with Dswei’s, and i was convinced that it will help shape my overly undefined Flabs into Abs.

Went down to Tampines to catch Dswei’s Floorball match this afternoon and Thank God i made it just in time before the game ended and could actually see her in some Floorball action in her High Socks and Knee-Length Shorts. Haha. Headed back home after that and had home-cooked food ! Been awhile since i actually sit down and have a proper dinner with my family. What have i been up to ?

Tomorrow marks the last week of pure slacking and bumming around. Foresee the week after to be a crazy week of Hall camp or moving in. And then before i know it. Let’s snap your fingers – School starts !

I don’t want my holiday to end.

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July 21, 2008 at 1:24 am

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