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U.S Elections ’08

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cabbageFinally, after endless laughs from SNL with the hilariously hilarious Tina Fey doing her thing as Ms Palin (and of course the latest with the real McCoy McCain with Fey. Guffaw!), Election Day is finally here and i cannot wait for the results. Exciting.

And then i really should be sleeping. Holy cow, it’s 5:07am.


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November 5, 2008 at 5:08 am

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Look at that hair !

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Just part of the randomness of a very late night. Have always wanted to write something on the highly interesting Sarah Palin, in which the interest was fueled by the delightful Tina Fey’s SNL impersonation of Palin. Was just doing my usual celebrity thrash surfing and suddenly realised something fascinating about her. 

Sarah Palin has a Goorgeous hair ! Like totally gorgeous and somehow always seemed So immaculately In Place. Check it out, and don’t you just got to agree with me.

Somehow Palin looks like Britney Spears from a certain angle. An aged Britney Spears. Zomg.

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October 14, 2008 at 4:11 am

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