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Hey Momma.

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It is 4am now. I know i should do up my Ceramics sketchbook tonight but i really have no mood for that. Tomorrow still need to finish up the Meteorology assignment. Mother father sister brother Sian just thinking about it.

And my mum is so cute. She was telling me so proudly of her new mango sago pomelo dessert recipe over the phone and that she will make it for me when i’m back. She made me miss home So Much at that very moment.

I can’t wait for Monday. So that i can open my window and shout ‘3 MORE WEEKS’.

Another week, almost down.


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March 28, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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Drumming Song.

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It is my Sunday night now and i just finish watching my daily dose of Dexter. Plugged into the newly downloaded Florence And The Machine and somehow i don’t know what to do next. It is still early, it is only 12:17AM.

I want to watch another episode of Dexter, but i don’t want to finish up Season 2 so soon either.

Anyways, we finally got down to plan our Vancouver trip today. It is really not easy planning for a 10-days trip, what’s more we want to make sure the trip is worth every single penny and that it can compensate for our first ever absence from CNY back home. I probably would go through a nasty bout of homesickness when CNY comes. It is my favourite holiday after all and i never like to miss out on any family fun. But cheerios cheers, this is where Vancouver will come in.

I am signing up for 10-day massive retail therapy and Asian food revenge spree. And of course, a above zero degree celsius Weather.

Wednesday come quick, come.

Why do i not sound anything like Excited. Ah, damn you Period. My back is bbbbbbreaking.

I need to lie down now.

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February 8, 2010 at 2:35 pm

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Do Better Than This.

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Woke up at 9am today or earlier, i can’t remember. My body clock is screwed, i hate waking up so early.

Sitting by my laptop, not changed, internetsms-ing. Class later at 1pm and 4pm. Gonna head out to the Superstore after class to buy groceries for the rest of the week. Feels like a long day today, and a slight bout of Homesickness came knocking when i woke up this morning. Yeah, already. I just need to move out of this apartment and join the other 2. I hate staying alone in here, i feel stuck in my room.

It’s only 5th Jan.

I hope i can do this. Come on !

Ah, i blame this on pms.

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January 6, 2010 at 12:50 am

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For some reasons.

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Time is always not on my side. Why. The buzz of past few days came and go and poof – It’s 3rd week of January. It is 3rd week into school and for the first time, i found myself gathering all the Will in me yesterday to pull out the stack of accumulative readings in That Corner of my desk. For some reason, i swear the aura in my humble room is seductively sleepy. You can never escape from the hands of the Nua monster that is lurking in the room. As a result, my readings are left in That corner and no work is done. To add on, assignments are piling in as well, and it is not nice. 

For yet some other reason, i found myself going through bouts of homesickness today. Maybe it’s the festive that is approaching or maybe i am just plain tired of school. And there i go again, rambling about school. What’s new.

Its the start of 2009. C’mon, i need something better this new year.

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January 21, 2009 at 2:09 am

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The atmosphere in my room is heavy.  Just done with packing for 5 days worth of clothes and What Nots for the camp tomorrow. I am missing home already.

So before Sunday ends off and me disappearing into the woods of Pulau Ntu, let me just wrap the week up.

This week is officially my first Off-Work week and i am totally enjoying it. Played tennis, met up with some friends and went down to the good ol’ CCK to support the juniors for Nationals. Awesome. Totally feel like i’m a 19 yr-old again. No work, nothing.

One of the highlights was definitely meeting up with my dear old friend who just came back from the UK after so long. Miss Annabelle Frost. The last time i saw her was probably 4 years ago ? Managed to squeeze the years that we went out of touch within 5 hours. Though it have been so long, glad to know that some things are still the same, amidst all the growing up and changes. Ah, i will miss that girl.

Hoho. I better go. Somehow i feel i did not pack Something. And i’m feeling depressed. 5 days… My longest camp Ever. Home sick, already ! Roars.

Harh. I dedicated a new category and put it under Home Sick cos i can so anticipate more of these when i enter Hostel when school starts. Boo hoo.

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July 6, 2008 at 11:43 pm

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