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Zooming by you.

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When leading man Massa fired off halfway while his mechanics were still refuelling, my hair stood up and cried foul in such a F1 enthusiasm I never thought would be me. C’mon the fuelling tube was dangling like an umbilical cord.

National pride was at such high, not even when the Ping Pong girls won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, when the television screen at home showed off a fabulous night skyline of Singapore (it was never this nice I swear) boasting brightly lit x10 racing roads. Glamour factor went up 3 notches when Hamilton appeared on our very own Channel 5 screen, complete with Singaporeans waving enthusiastically in the background. It was one of those moments when you thought if you look hard enough you would probably find someone familiar in the raving crowd.

But too bad, my F1 moment lasted 1 and a half hour before I had to pack up and head back to Cave Ntu.

Sense the Siansation ?


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September 28, 2008 at 9:25 pm

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