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Don’t you be saucy with me

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When i clicked ‘End Test’, i could hear like every breath and feel those heart beats in my chest, throat, head and everywhere. K, just trying to dramatise The Moment cos I will never forget how incredibly Embarrassed and full of the world greatest Shame when i realised i’ve actually Failed my Basic Theory Test. Bloody Hell.

Failing the BTT is like one of those things that makes you go, Zomg, it’s true – I am really stupid. I was so embarrassed that i to attempt to cover the screaming FAILED word on my screen with my big fat face from the Ah Beng on my left and the Bangladesh national on my right.


On the other hand, i’m currently in the midst of Hall Camp but no thanks and thanks to my test this afternoon, i took the chance to head home for tonight. Maybe like the camp’s duration is about a good 7 Days. (another Zomg defining moment) Joined the camp only yesterday and i already experienced probably the Dirtiest camp game eveeer. Part of my recollection of what Sauces and Shits were used for last night’s game – Ketchup Sauce, Soon Kueh Dark Sauce, Vinegar, Flour, Oatmeal, Egg, Mango Concentration, Socks/Shoes/Hockey Stick/Plastic Bag/Tshirts soaked in Dark Sauce…. At the end of all the game stations, we were all soaked, down right to each and every available open pores on our skin, with the above listed Sauces. My white shirt became Dark Brown, my hair was rock-solid by the harden Oatmeal and family of Sauces, hands and legs smeared with Dark Sauce. And i haven’t even mention what were done to us during the games and as of today, after shampooing and washing of 5 times, the smell of the dark sauce lingers from my hair and hands – And I can never look at Soon Kueh the same way again. 

Nobody could understand our pain.

Anyhow, to mark a milestone of my personal Independence and Growing Up, i stayed over in my own room in hall myself last night. Stranger roomie weren’t here, so were the next door toilet mates. So i was practically on my own. 

My first step.



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July 30, 2008 at 12:42 am

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The atmosphere in my room is heavy.  Just done with packing for 5 days worth of clothes and What Nots for the camp tomorrow. I am missing home already.

So before Sunday ends off and me disappearing into the woods of Pulau Ntu, let me just wrap the week up.

This week is officially my first Off-Work week and i am totally enjoying it. Played tennis, met up with some friends and went down to the good ol’ CCK to support the juniors for Nationals. Awesome. Totally feel like i’m a 19 yr-old again. No work, nothing.

One of the highlights was definitely meeting up with my dear old friend who just came back from the UK after so long. Miss Annabelle Frost. The last time i saw her was probably 4 years ago ? Managed to squeeze the years that we went out of touch within 5 hours. Though it have been so long, glad to know that some things are still the same, amidst all the growing up and changes. Ah, i will miss that girl.

Hoho. I better go. Somehow i feel i did not pack Something. And i’m feeling depressed. 5 days… My longest camp Ever. Home sick, already ! Roars.

Harh. I dedicated a new category and put it under Home Sick cos i can so anticipate more of these when i enter Hostel when school starts. Boo hoo.

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July 6, 2008 at 11:43 pm

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