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Don’t punch me in my mouth.

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The last time i had an Ulcer on my gum was probably 10 years ago. ( For real, not even when i was a Metal Mouth a few years ago.) And now, with one on the very flesh beneath my lower lips that is strategically on the thin lining that joins the lip and the gum together, i am highly handicapped.

Having that ucler There is like having a pimple on the ass. I cannot talk and eat without wincing or go SSssssss… , but i just want to lick it, hoping by doing it that it will ease the annoying pain or something. And if someone is to punch me in my mouth now…  No, i am not dramatising Ulcer in mouth. It is just that the last time i had one was really 10 years ago. Boo hoo

On a less annoying note, just caught another awesome Jolie show with the bird and yb. Wanted – Love it love it love it ! The only parts i didn’t like was the ending and also (*Spoiler Ahead*) when Angeline Jolie died. For about 5secs halfway into the show, i thought i was watching Tomb Raider again. By the way, i still do not think James McAvoy looks like Ryan Atwood. Like, purleaase..


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July 3, 2008 at 2:45 am

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