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I love visits.

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Back to lonesome night. Dswei just left and now i only have my lappy to accompany me. But…i’m happy enough with tonight 🙂

Overslept and missed the 830am lecture today for my Very First Time. But seriously, i think my time table suck and i just realised this after quite a number of people Zomged at when they saw it. It is really pretty packed. Roars.


Had a last minute lunch with my dear nus girls at JP (i.e Jurong Point) and must really thank Pam for navigating her way all the way here to Pulau Ntu. Those girls couldn’t stop exclaiming about how Far NTU is. I know i know… I feel like i’m crossing the immigration custom whenever i come back to hall on Sunday evenings too. But anyway, meeting up with those girls made my entire day. Awesome.


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August 20, 2008 at 4:26 am

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Let’s do a pause, shall we ?

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2nd week into school and the buzz is not slowing down. Tonight is one of those rare nights where i can take a breather in my small humble room and actually have some Me time. Looking back at last week, i wonder how i survived. The whole new environment and uber independent style of learning got me all in a frenzy. What’s more faced with the shitty system of Fastest Finger First of choosing our electives so did not help. Just an update, this shitty FFF system got me into taking French and Business Law because my clicking finger did not coordinate with the thing i call brain up there to even realise that Biz Law is how tough slash dry and i have complete Zero use for French in any circumstances but just to act Atas, and then i realise my sentence is becoming super damn long but i just can’t stop.

Decisions were made and i don’t know what they will land me into but i am really just crossing my fingers and hoping for the very best. The last thing i want is to end up a permanent islander of this cocoa-smelling Pulau NTU and not be in touch with my loved ones outside this place. Second week into school and i’m already feeling out of touch with everybody. I miss my friends.

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August 13, 2008 at 3:33 am

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