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Blind me over.

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I need to cut my fringe. Half my vision is Hair. But i don’t wanna go to the salon. Feel like cutting them myself. But i don’t dare. Why am i in short sentences. Roars.


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September 30, 2008 at 11:06 am

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Zooming by you.

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When leading man Massa fired off halfway while his mechanics were still refuelling, my hair stood up and cried foul in such a F1 enthusiasm I never thought would be me. C’mon the fuelling tube was dangling like an umbilical cord.

National pride was at such high, not even when the Ping Pong girls won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, when the television screen at home showed off a fabulous night skyline of Singapore (it was never this nice I swear) boasting brightly lit x10 racing roads. Glamour factor went up 3 notches when Hamilton appeared on our very own Channel 5 screen, complete with Singaporeans waving enthusiastically in the background. It was one of those moments when you thought if you look hard enough you would probably find someone familiar in the raving crowd.

But too bad, my F1 moment lasted 1 and a half hour before I had to pack up and head back to Cave Ntu.

Sense the Siansation ?

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September 28, 2008 at 9:25 pm

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See me crawling up the walls.

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The most evident utensil/Is none other than a pencil/Not a multi-colored stencil/Nor a camry crew…/How hard must I try/How hard must I try for you/You see me rolling in the dirt/You see me crawling up the walls for you
The most evident utensil/Is none other than pencil/Writer, tell me what you want from me/Before my paper is through/How hard must I try/How hard must I try for you/You see me rolling in the dirt/You see me crawling up the walls for you

How hard must I try/How hard must I try for you/You see me rolling in the dirt/You see me crawling up the walls for you/For you, for you.

Chairlift/Evident Utensil

I’m in love with this song. Heard it while watching the new Ipod Nano TV ad and made me chance upon another song by the Chairlift. Awesome discovery. 

Now, time to start work again as my poor Saturday is about to enter Sunday. Makes me sad just to think of heading back to crazy busy school/hall. Sighs. What did i even do during Recess Week ?  I’m so scared for school to start. My afternoon nap churned out a really nasty nightmare (about hall) and it affected my mood for the rest of the day. Great job. 

How hard must i try.

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September 27, 2008 at 9:15 pm

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Sun and frisbee.

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Xtreme Outing @ the Botanic Gardens. We are all about being “Xtreme”. 

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September 26, 2008 at 2:39 am

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That explains it all.

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Total Distance = 35km

Total Cyclists = 140

Route = NTU to East Coast Park

Time Taken = 11:30PM to 6:00AM

So yeah, Hall 2 annual Night Cycling is finally over. It was 2 days ago but my fat arse is still sore. And i’m still damn shagged from the lack of sleep. Got home and has barely 3hours of sleep that day before going off to Gavin’s for pigeon BBQ (at Bukit Batok) and rushing off to Aaron’s 21st (at Pasir Ris) again halfway though. Weow. After some underwear tearing session (the boys) and overdue lantern burning ceremony, we decided to drive to Terminal 3 for more chilling out. Chilled out with the Yeahras till about 5AM before we decided to call in a day. Roars.



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September 22, 2008 at 3:28 pm

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And I read, read and read.

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Snuggled underneath the familiar smell of my soft blanket, glad to be out of the crazily warm temperature outside. Its war outside ! I have to fight staying awake and perspiration-free at the same time. Suddenly thought of a word that Totally describes this – Pek Chek. Roars. The brain in me is feeling a little over heated from the 203 readings and the eyes in me are watery from the annoyingly minute size of the words. Excusez moi, I know there’s loads of complains from me tonight. Blame the weather.

Weather ? Pek chek.

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September 22, 2008 at 2:16 am

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I want Free.

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This is the last week before mid-term break but the work load is piling up badly. Assignments, readings, tests and blahs are choking me. Haven’t been exercising either and my fats are choking me as well. I feel constipated. 

Yesterday was probably the first time that i was FREE for the entire evening ever since i moved into hall. But the closet workaholic in me was not feeling very comfortable with the sudden spare of time. Tried to nap, but world greatest tragedy – i couldn’t. Ended up chatting with the roomie and laughing our asses off in our tiny sauna room. It was perhaps also the first time that we hung out together out of our room. Amazing. Haha. She is a funny girl.

Night cycling trial run tonight. The real thing tomorrow from 11pm to 6am. Holy moly. I feel the shag-ness already. Good luck.

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September 18, 2008 at 7:44 pm

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