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A TV box when i grow up.

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Always wanted to have my time on 30 Rock but never got the chance to. So after a few nights with my Family Guy, i was torn between some of the life’s toughest decisions.

1) Continue where i left off – Brothers & Sisters Season 2

2) Continue where i left off – Grey’s Anatomy Season 3

3) Rewatch and waste time – The L Word Season 1

4) Star off afresh with some XOXO love – Gossip Girl Season 1



So i didn’t want to get wrenched up watching the Brothers & Sisters’endless squabbles and I didn’t want to be crying buckets tonight with Grey’s cos it makes me sad. And hmm, I have my reservations about XOXO cos i’m more of an O.C fan. I prefer the West Coast kinda drama than the opulent Upper East Side New York City. Besides, there isn’t any Ryan Atwood equivalent in there or so i observed. And no, i’m not going to rewatch L Word  and like i’ve said – Waste time. I shall be good and patient and wait for Season 6 in January 18th ’09. Omg, i even remember the air date.

30 Rock, 7 episodes straight on non-stop and exclamation – I’m loving it. The whole Tina Fey sense of humor makes the show and if you’re for those of Scrubs or say Family Guy, 30 Rock won’t disappoint. Lastly, if you’re a Tina Fey fan, you will love it. The woman is a Genius. She is like the emblem of Anti-Thrash of Hollywood. She makes good shows (30 Rock, SNL), good movies (Baby Mama, Mean Girls  – it was actually Good. until they got Lindsay Lohan in it.) and is a good actress/comedian (Her Sarah Palin days just say it all doesn’t it). Love Tina Fey !

tina-fey-picture-2   1tinaan06

Cheers, love it when there’s a good show. 

Speaking of which, locally, our very own Channel 8 has got the thumbs up for the new ’34 Episodic Blockbuster Drama’ Little Nyonya. Maybe i’m being a little bit biased cos there is Jeanette Aw in it (Yes, i’m not afraid to admit that.) but after catching for the 3 episodes religiously, this show is indeed worthy of the ‘Blockbuster’ belt. It has been awhile since i actually caught a Ch 8 drama cos the last time i could remember, it got me scratching walls. Of course initially there was some skepticism. Okay, aplenty. But the drama in Little Nyonya is pretty engaging and intense enough in the right amount. It kinda reminds me of the Hong Kong drama War & Beauty. So hopefully, the good will continue and bring back my faith in Ch 8.  I always love to support a good local show. 



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November 28, 2008 at 3:55 am

I Heart O.C

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iTunes – Checked

Facebook – Checked

Blog – Checked

MSN – Checked

Online Readings  Checked

Time for O.C !                                 

Perhaps i’m the only one around who still watches O.C. I am so not into the whole Xoxo thing, yet. Shall keep Gossip Girl for Post-OC Blues.

If i’m allowed to say something really Gross, i would say –

I Heart Ryan Atwood !

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July 15, 2008 at 12:47 am

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Don’t punch me in my mouth.

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The last time i had an Ulcer on my gum was probably 10 years ago. ( For real, not even when i was a Metal Mouth a few years ago.) And now, with one on the very flesh beneath my lower lips that is strategically on the thin lining that joins the lip and the gum together, i am highly handicapped.

Having that ucler There is like having a pimple on the ass. I cannot talk and eat without wincing or go SSssssss… , but i just want to lick it, hoping by doing it that it will ease the annoying pain or something. And if someone is to punch me in my mouth now…  No, i am not dramatising Ulcer in mouth. It is just that the last time i had one was really 10 years ago. Boo hoo

On a less annoying note, just caught another awesome Jolie show with the bird and yb. Wanted – Love it love it love it ! The only parts i didn’t like was the ending and also (*Spoiler Ahead*) when Angeline Jolie died. For about 5secs halfway into the show, i thought i was watching Tomb Raider again. By the way, i still do not think James McAvoy looks like Ryan Atwood. Like, purleaase..

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July 3, 2008 at 2:45 am

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