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Time To Bring Out The Lemons.

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It’s time to buy some lemons.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice plus warm water every day after I wake up.

By the way, i was told today that my “Fitness is Bad. You (I) must work on it.”

Baf. Make me RUN.


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April 30, 2009 at 3:21 am

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Where Did You Get Your Body From ?

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After one week of complete LN-ness and some serious bumming, i think it is time to do up a Plan for the rest of the 3 months long Holidays. 

I love Plans. Plans keep sanity in check. Plans keep me going, knowing that i have control over what i want next to happen. Yup, am i a control freak. 

Just some things i hope to achieve by the end of this long holiday. Not that i’m complaining.

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Train up my sub zero Stamina and Speed so that i won’t be a complete goon during Touchrug training.
  • Sign up for some Photoshop/FCP workshop (free) with my brother 
  • Watch X-men – Wolverine 
  • Get a fun part-time job
  • Grow out my hair
  • New hair colour
  • Become taller
  • Get a nice lil’ Tan
  • Lose half of my stomach
  • Visit my dentist and get a new pair of retainers
  • Fall sick, preferable Stomach Flu
  • Think about which concentration to go into (Broadcast/Journalism/Advertising/PR)
  • Plan my future. Briefly.
  • More supper at Rochor Beancurd with friends. 
  • Play squash
  • Jog at Sentosa
  • Get a hot and new Bo Bo Bo Body. 

Alright. The last one was added to insert in some humour in the List. Not surprising, and being a closeted anorexic/bulimic Wannabe, more than half concerns Losing Weight. Roars. May i succeed this time. I need to lose weight this summer or else it’s going to be another Fat year for me. Barf.

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April 27, 2009 at 1:50 am

Les Choristes

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Les Choristes (or “The Chorus” – The only 2 words that French Level 1 could help me with. )

Watched it on FilmArt Okto just now cos i remembered wanting to catch it in the theares but obviously i didn’t. What a marvelous film this is ! It really caught me by surprise and i was completely taken away by the choir boys. It is like one of those films that will make you wish that you are part of your school’s Choir. Love that it’s in French (can’t imagine in any other language) and love the boys. Love It.

— On 15 January 1949, the former music teacher Clément Mathieu arrives in “Fond de l’ Etang” (“Bottom of the Well”), a boarding school for orphans and problematic boys, to work as an inspector. The place is administrated with iron fist by the cruel director Rachin, and most of the boys have severe punishments for their faults. Clément decides to teach the boys to sing in a choir in their spare time, and identify the musical potential of the rebel Pierre Morhange, the son of a beautiful single mother for whom he feels a crush. He also has a special feeling for the young Pépinot, a boy that expects the visit of his father every Saturday near the gate, but indeed lost his parents in the war. With his methods, Clément changes the lives of the boys, of the other employees and his own. —


Here’s my new muse from the movie. When he open his mouth and starts singing, you will open yours as well. Just youtube the trailer of Les Choriste and you will know why. FYI, he is born in 1990. So that doesn’t quite make me a pédophile. 

My new muse –  Jean-Baptiste Maunier 

From the movie



Now, all grown up.


Love the Killer Jaws. 


He is like my Robert Pattison. A French one. 


Shucks. I think i do have some sick obsession with this JB boy.

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April 26, 2009 at 1:53 am

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After A While.

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Red Bull kept me alive during the exams.



1AM Dinner – Macs Delivery. I had Double Cheese Burger meal, UPSIZE.             


 img_0167      Fabulous ice cream at Udders.

img_0175     img_0176 Spot the difference. I TRIED to pack.

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April 21, 2009 at 11:07 pm

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The Last One.

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Last paper in 9 hours’ time.

Not much of a relief or celebration for i know i’m gonna Pay when results are back. Hurhur.

B B B B But, one thing to look forward to now is 11th July 2009 Saturday 8:00PM

: )))))))))))))))))))))

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April 20, 2009 at 12:47 am

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I have yet to catch this but i have fallen in love with the soundtrack. Goes right in into Must Watch !

— Glen Hansard (frontman for indie rock band The Frames) plays the guy, a street musician who is playing for change when he meets the girl (Marketa Irglova), an immigrant from the Czech Republic. The pair immediately bond over their shared love of music (he is a guitarist, and she plays the piano), and the film chronicles their tentative relationship. Both are weighed down by plenty of baggage: his songs are fueled by a painful breakup, and she is a young mother who left her husband behind in her native country. Like the independent favorite BEFORE SUNRISE, ONCE is a simple, sweet drama that doesn’t rely on an elaborate plot. With its use of digital video and handheld cameras, ONCE matches its spare visual style to its intimate mood. Each moment feels stolen from real life, and the story is at once familiar and fresh. Driven more by music than by dialogue, ONCE features a stirring soundtrack of heartfelt indie rock sung by Hansard and Irglova. Before his foray into film, director John Carney (ON THE EDGE) played bass in The Frames, and his passion for music is clear in this modern musical that hits every note perfectly. —


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April 19, 2009 at 4:47 am

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“Better Luck Next Time.”

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The last time i woke up at 630AM was probably 1997 and it was the most painful thing to do this morning. Anything for True Diligence. HAH. 

COM208 module, i would say, is the Mother of bitch for this semester. Studying for it was like understanding Physics when i was Sec 4 and after this morning’s True Diligence, i seriously thought i saw Hope. But CRAP IT, the paper was a little more than a  letdown. RAHH. Never mind that, i then dragged the tired soul back and continued True Diligence on all things Caffeine for the 2nd paper of the day. Media in America, ole. 

MAJOR LETDOWN #2. It was zomg BAD. Like bad jokes like of Bad. Like channel 5 sitcoms kind of Bad. Omgggg. And i think i can go on with this.. 

And I could be at Rachael Yamagata’s concert like now.

Boohoo : (

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April 15, 2009 at 8:18 pm

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