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For All What’s Worth.

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Rented it off  iTunes cos i was enticed by the movie poster and i spent US$2.99 on 1 hour and a half of boredom watching it. Fine, maybe i did it all wrong by watching it at 2am. Commentaries after commentaries by font designers and images of Words in everyday places just didn’t go well with my snuggle in my lanket late at night concept. But, it is not a terrible film. I would love it if i were a graphic designer or something. But i am clearly not.

On that, i love to say that i am a huge fan of The Office now. Cleared off the first season within a night and i had a hard time Not laughing to myself. If you love 30 Rock or Arrested Development, this is the show to follow. And with characters like Dwight Shrute, you will know why They say it is one of the “Best Tv sitcom ever.”


For something more serious and action-packed, look none other than 24. Managed to get started and finish off the entire first season recently and though it is not my usual choice of TV sitcoms like 30 Rock, Family Guy,  Greys, L Word et cetera, i absolutely am addicted to this Jack Bauer thing. Love it that every episode is one hour in reel time concept and just somehow Bauer always managed to save the day. 

24 season 1 5 main characters

Looks like i am the queen of TV sitcoms, i’m afraid. I love them all. And that is what i do when i seem seemingly ‘busy with life’, sometimes. But anyway guess what, i have never watch a single episode of Gossip Girl and i am not about to do that anytime soon. I am just not XOXO enough for it. 

Next up – Complete the season 5 of Greys Anatomy.


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June 28, 2009 at 4:30 am

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Veins Veins Veins.

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I’m never going to look at this particular poster the same way again. Read it somewhere online that Hugh Jackman was carrying 2 Sandbags in order to force out those Seksi veins on his arms. Watched Wolverine just now and i Love It. Hugh Jackman totally owned the show with his lovely biceps and metal claws. The second best part about this X-Men installment is Wolverine’s girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox. Ggggorgeous ! She is Lynn Collins. Never knew she appeared in 50 First Dates and The Lake House. Googled her and found out that she moved to Singapore (?!) at the age of 4 and stayed here for 6 years and it was here where she realised her passion for acting. Okay To That. 

Lynn Collins

Isn’t she gorgeous ? Love her top. 

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May 9, 2009 at 4:27 am

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Les Choristes

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Les Choristes (or “The Chorus” – The only 2 words that French Level 1 could help me with. )

Watched it on FilmArt Okto just now cos i remembered wanting to catch it in the theares but obviously i didn’t. What a marvelous film this is ! It really caught me by surprise and i was completely taken away by the choir boys. It is like one of those films that will make you wish that you are part of your school’s Choir. Love that it’s in French (can’t imagine in any other language) and love the boys. Love It.

— On 15 January 1949, the former music teacher Clément Mathieu arrives in “Fond de l’ Etang” (“Bottom of the Well”), a boarding school for orphans and problematic boys, to work as an inspector. The place is administrated with iron fist by the cruel director Rachin, and most of the boys have severe punishments for their faults. Clément decides to teach the boys to sing in a choir in their spare time, and identify the musical potential of the rebel Pierre Morhange, the son of a beautiful single mother for whom he feels a crush. He also has a special feeling for the young Pépinot, a boy that expects the visit of his father every Saturday near the gate, but indeed lost his parents in the war. With his methods, Clément changes the lives of the boys, of the other employees and his own. —


Here’s my new muse from the movie. When he open his mouth and starts singing, you will open yours as well. Just youtube the trailer of Les Choriste and you will know why. FYI, he is born in 1990. So that doesn’t quite make me a pédophile. 

My new muse –  Jean-Baptiste Maunier 

From the movie



Now, all grown up.


Love the Killer Jaws. 


He is like my Robert Pattison. A French one. 


Shucks. I think i do have some sick obsession with this JB boy.

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April 26, 2009 at 1:53 am

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I have yet to catch this but i have fallen in love with the soundtrack. Goes right in into Must Watch !

— Glen Hansard (frontman for indie rock band The Frames) plays the guy, a street musician who is playing for change when he meets the girl (Marketa Irglova), an immigrant from the Czech Republic. The pair immediately bond over their shared love of music (he is a guitarist, and she plays the piano), and the film chronicles their tentative relationship. Both are weighed down by plenty of baggage: his songs are fueled by a painful breakup, and she is a young mother who left her husband behind in her native country. Like the independent favorite BEFORE SUNRISE, ONCE is a simple, sweet drama that doesn’t rely on an elaborate plot. With its use of digital video and handheld cameras, ONCE matches its spare visual style to its intimate mood. Each moment feels stolen from real life, and the story is at once familiar and fresh. Driven more by music than by dialogue, ONCE features a stirring soundtrack of heartfelt indie rock sung by Hansard and Irglova. Before his foray into film, director John Carney (ON THE EDGE) played bass in The Frames, and his passion for music is clear in this modern musical that hits every note perfectly. —


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April 19, 2009 at 4:47 am

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Screening of docu-film by the NTU Sociological Society – Seeds of Summer

prod-10-2    seeds


“My Mom always says that my military service is to blame for everything that has happened to her little girl.  During my military service, I was assigned to a course for female combat unit officers, one of the most militant roles available to women in the Israeli army. It was there that I first fell in love with a woman – my commanding officer. ” – Hen Lasker, Director. Seeds of Summer

The film moves between the external (the course) and the personal and, accordingly, it shifts between day and night. During the day the girls act as “men”. This is a central theme in the film, filled with drama, reflecting the military mechanism that produces, like a well tuned machine, another 40 female combat officers. Yet at night, in the dark, after the day’s trials and harassments are over, that is the time when the girls are as feminine as can be and  an intense female environment is exposed.  


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March 6, 2009 at 2:10 am

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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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Finally watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona after one month of anticipation. A very Woody-Allen sort of film and it is one of those shows that make your heart flutters when you see how impossibly beautiful the country is. (Barcelona ! Spainish ! Hot Spaniards !) The last one that had the same effect on me was Paris Je’taime (Paris ! French ! Hot French men and women !) For Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the film is very nicely decorated with 3 beautiful women and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Denny Duquette !) lookalike, Javier Bardem, who looks like he is very sleepy all the time in the film. The film’s central awkwardness is probably the relationship among Juan Antonio (Javier), Cristina (Scarlett) and Maria (Penelope). 1 man and 2 women, 2 women and 1 man, 1 man/woman and the ex-wife. So weird.

Thought i was watching a Mango commercial halfway through the movie when Cristina started taking taking pictures of Penelope. Gorgeous.

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October 13, 2008 at 10:55 am

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Oh my Mamma Mia !

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Finally. After a thousand and one people telling me all the ‘Go Watch k!’, ‘Must Watch lor!’, ‘Damn nice, la!’ – I finally caught the show. If i were to do it the Jean Danker way, i would give it 4.5 Popcorns ! (Cue sound effect) With a fabulous cast (though Pierce Brosnan was kinda Odd in there and i just cannot forget his 007 days) and the lovely versions of ABBA’s tunes just made me want to stand up and dance in the Mass Dance way. It is such a Happy film and if you like Hairspray, this is waay better. The closet ABBA fan in you will shine ever so bright after you watch Mamma Mia, i warn you. The ABBA fan in me that i never know it existed outshone my Goldfrapp and Cat Power and the sound tracks are all nicely in my iTunes Top Rated playlist.

I feel i am Dancing Queen.


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October 4, 2008 at 11:34 pm

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