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When the light goes off.

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Bluey Monday at school is over just like that. Crawled back to my room and now i’m plopped onto my chair and procrastinating about writing my speech for the rally later.

Weird as it sounds to me, Insomnia actually strike back last night. Bloody hell.. My whole being has been so shagged and tired yet my body decided to pull such a thing on me. Those things were running and churning around like a washing machine in my head for the whole night and i think i ended up sleeping at 4am. And i have no idea what Things also. Annoyed, i am so very.

Monday is just over, but i can’t wait for Friday already. Who-Has-The-Nicest-Lantern Competition is up on Friday with g8 and I Want To Win. Prize ? Winner get to Burn all the other lanterns ! Burn baby. Ha ha



Just getting into the mood for Mooncake festival. Kudos to my dear mama. She’s the best.

This is my favourite piglet snack, complete with shameless attempt to show off my freshly painted nails.


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September 8, 2008 at 6:22 pm

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