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Blah blah black sleep.

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As i sit here in front of my 4 year old Mac screen while waiting for the video to get rendered (29mins more. Fuck), i feel my will to get something productive done dwindling. I just want to curl up on my bed and watch Family Guy and not think about FYP, jobs, 14 Feb, whether or not to finish that large cup of Koi and what not.

By now, my Mac is roaring like a washing machine, almost as loud as my sighs and the crying baby next door. Argh.

Oh, its 12mn. Yet another week into February. What’s next ?



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February 13, 2012 at 12:05 am

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Hello, Reality.

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18 Days.

I’ve been for 18 days only ? How come it feels like I’ve been back for 3 months already. Reality finally strikes when i find myself bombarded with the thousand and one things that i’ve been putting up on the Delay board.

Driving, internship, weight-loss regime, planning my course modules, editing photos… Et cetera et cetera.

And i just got killed by my new hall allocation.


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June 18, 2010 at 5:07 pm

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Very Tight.

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Headache, why don’t you go away ?

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April 24, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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Show Me Two Fingers.

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Good Friday holiday weekend was, well, not much of a holiday. The entire Thunder Bay transformed into a ghost town literally and all our plans for the weekends were brutally thwarted. Everywhere was closed. Almost as if everyone stopped working and went back home to hunt for easter eggs in their garden. It was also our last weekend before we get down to  studying for our Finals which start this Saturday. I can only think of 7 letters – SPSBSJP

The only thing that is keeping me going for the next 2 weeks is leaving this place to start our world tour. Though booking our accommodations and settling our transport from places to places have been nothing but a BIG FAT BITCH, i am still excited. Cos that will also mean that i can start my Count Down to home ! But in the mean time and back to reality, there is many many things for me to do.

One, of course will be studying. My just-pass and i-on-exchange attitude for the past 12 weeks will indeed be put to test this time. My pencil box has been sitting in that corner since Week 1. Le sigh.

Two, i have to start packing all my winter barangs to ship back home. Half of my winter wear i brought over were never worn. Tmddd. And as usual, i have to face to velly expensib consequence of my over zealous style of packing cos shipping is just so mother father expensib !! I probably have to go through a series of serious dilemmas because i cannot exceed 10kg. I need He Mama, i really do.

And of course not to mention all the administrative stuff i got to settle like my transcript and whatnots. And and and we have yet to settle all our travelling accommodations and plans !! Can you hear my exclamation marks ?

Okay it’s 2am. I promise myself earlier nights from now on. Time for me to watch The Office now before i curl up like a furball under my blanket. Hope i can see the deer outside my window again.

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April 6, 2010 at 2:02 pm

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Hey Momma.

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It is 4am now. I know i should do up my Ceramics sketchbook tonight but i really have no mood for that. Tomorrow still need to finish up the Meteorology assignment. Mother father sister brother Sian just thinking about it.

And my mum is so cute. She was telling me so proudly of her new mango sago pomelo dessert recipe over the phone and that she will make it for me when i’m back. She made me miss home So Much at that very moment.

I can’t wait for Monday. So that i can open my window and shout ‘3 MORE WEEKS’.

Another week, almost down.

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March 28, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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Bored Die Me.

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I think the Jack Neo scandal is the only thing that is entertaining me now.

Omg i am So Bored and i never would have thought i would ever get to say this in my life. BORED BORED BORED.

School feels like it came to a sudden halt after that crasi killer week. There is Nothing. No assignments, tests or whatsoever. I can almost say No Class since we have the lecture notes for almost all the classes already. That is why i am having a love/hate relationship with my Ceramics class. It is the only thing that is killing me with my final project due next Monday  and it is kinda the only thing that is keeping me ‘busy’, if Busy means heading down to the studio during my free time tomorrow, and meng roll and meng knead the bloody clay till my hands run dry. By the way Clay sucks the life out of your skin. My poor hands look like it aged 9 years by the end of every class that i feel sad just by looking at it.

So yes, i am complaining that i have nothing to do. I probably would have to take back my word in about 4 weeks’ time when that shit call Exams come, but really need to rant. Wahlaoeh.

For one thing that is worth cheering about is the Weather now. Ever since we came back from our study break, Thunder Bay suddenly just became warmer. I swear a year passed when we were in Vancouver for 10 days. Skeary.

Average temperature is about 4-8 degrees now. It even hit an all-time high of 12 degrees yesterday. It is so weird to be seeing grass and not ice outside my window now. Every thing is melting out there.

Spring is coming. Cheerios

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March 10, 2010 at 3:22 pm

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Fly By, Time.

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What should i do now ?

Finally back to the front of my laptop in my room, all showered and moisturized. Spent the entire afternoon out in the ATAC building working on our Meteorology assignment which is due on Monday. For the first time in my 21 years of life, i’m using Excel to draw graphs and such. Microsoft Office is amazing.

Why does this post sound so boring. Oh, school work i see.

Okay, what should i do now. Which first ?

– Call my grandma

– Finish watching the second half of Dexter episode 9

– Finish up last 14 pages of the readings i did last night

– More Facebook and Twitter


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January 24, 2010 at 11:44 am

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