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Time management 101

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Today is probably one of the coldest day in Singapore’s history. Awesome. But now that i got to do laundry myself back in hall, wet weather worries me cos’ i worry about them all the time when i’m in class. “Shuwei So Aunty”.. Get that all the time. 

Got back home this morning after a night of mahjong at Wing’s room. Totally felt like i was in chalet all over again. But TGIF in hall is actually quite happening cos’ people actually do it the tgif way in style over there. There is even a Pub in campus (called the Mayflower – I know, Chees-seh) and we hung out there after Preview with Asahi beers and silly games. Tgif huh.

Obviously in some serious deprival of sleep after yet another busy hellish busy week in hall, i finally caught up with it and slept like never before just now. Missed dinner and some exciting Olympics moments completely. And resultant ? I really want to sleep early tonight but my sleeping clock is completely thwarted. Roars. Someone just knock me out please.

Can’t believe tomorrow is Sunday already and i will be back in Cocoa-Smell island. But before i drag my big fat ass back there, i have a whole pile of assignments and readings to be completed. All these were piled and accumulated since the start of the week and especially thinking about my close to 100 pages worth of readings is like shoving a piece of tissue paper and a ball of hair down my throat – I can’t breathe.

I really need to stop being such an ass in my time management.

For now, i just can’t wait for D&D to be over so that i can have my nights to myself. But oh wells, by then dswei won’t be around anymore for company so foresee many lonesome nights ahead. No one is going to visit me in hall anymore. Sighs

Think i better get going. Need to be ready for a day of assignments tomorrow. Rooars.


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August 24, 2008 at 2:50 am

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