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Back from Vanvancouver and into reality. Supposed to be doing my Meteorology assignment now but i am uploading 4gb worth of photos instead. This is berry bad. I miss the 10 degree celsius and street life in Vancouver.

Well well, time to hit the gym. My face is telling me to soon, if not it will be too late. Time to save more moolah too and live on bread crumbs in preparation for my world tour in May. We are looking at Toronto – Montreal – Boston – Washington – New York. Looking at that for now, it better happen hor. Gonna get down to real planning after the next 2 killer weeks.

8 more weeks to go before school’s out for me ! HURHUR.


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February 23, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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Vancouver 2010.

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I am sure i want to come back here again – Vancouver is too awesome.

Day 2 in this amazing city of Canada and i am loving it. Far far cry from the small and laid back Thunder Bay ! For the record the weather here is GOOD. 8 degrees to us now is really nothing. It is like Vivocity. Hahaha. Shopping is fabulous with their ridiculously Shiok sales. (Example: I bought 2 bags from Aldo for less than 30 dollals) Food is Too Good To Be True. Wide variety of Asian cuisine especially. The Korean place that i went for dinner last night served perhaps one of the most authentic Korean food i have ever tried. And of course the Olympics fever is Crasi. The whole place is in a massive celebration !

At this rate we are going, i am going to be dead broke, mad fat and getting increasingly Canadian-fied, if there’s such a term.

Okay, time to rest and rejuvenate for tomorrow. We are going to AYG and part  of the opening ceremony of the Olympics by going to the BC Stadium, outside. Hee.

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February 12, 2010 at 4:17 pm

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Hey, It’s Glowing.

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Guess what ? It is mid-week Wednesday already ! Cheerios.

Basic Business Computing class this morning was really Basic. It was a lesson on Microsoft Word and i ended up spending the 1 and a half hours googling for cheap accommodations for Vancouver in Feb. I can’t help but feel so much more happening knowing that we will be in Vancouver when the Winter Olympics starts in February. Woots ! Super actyige though. Before this i knew Nothing of the winter Olympics.

Currently we are having trouble getting hotels/hostels for that period and we resorted to searchfor Homestays instead. Don’t know how our parents are going to take to this plan, and i don’t know if i am telling mine. The mother may scream.

We put ourselves up on the Homestay portal. How adventurous.

We decided to put Canada under ‘Where Are You From’ after like a silly 2mins discussion. Don’t ask me why but i also can’t stand ourselves. Super actyige. HAHA

Oh, by the way i think i just saw one of the nicest night sky here while walking back from class. It was Jade Green in colour, almost unreal, like someone waving a neon green light stick in the sky. How very Twilight.

I wish i have a picture to show you.

Captivating !

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January 14, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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