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The nomads are on the move again !

After an educational week in DC (i visited more museums than i have ever in Singapore), we are finally on our way to New York, our last final stop  before we fly back home.

Come tomorrow it will be one month since we started touring the East. Can’t believe i have been on the road for so long and i am getting a lil’ drained by our nomadic lifestyle and being tourist. The weather here is as erratic as my pms mood swings. Shorts days are always short-lived and sometimes i feel like it is Thunder Bay all over again with the cold winds and shivers. But Then Again… While feeling exhausted from all that, a new found energy is coming our way. Maybe it is the idea of returning home, maybe it is the smell of the end, or maybe it is the empire state of mind.

In the meantime, be good Bangkok. I still want you in August. No more fightings, no more bombings. Or else He Mama will not let me go and i will be very bitter. You were good to me last June by calming down within a month and i had a great time with you, remember ? Please be better.

11 more days !


Written by hswei

May 21, 2010 at 11:38 am

Posted in Holidays

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