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It is official – I HAVE PUT ON WEIGHT.

Fffffffffffffffat. I can feel it in my face, my stomach..  Alright who am i kidding, i can feel it everywhere.

I need to Complain. Somehow in this school there is only One weighing machine in the wrestlers’ room, which only can be use by the school’s athletes. TMD, DISCRIMINATION. So we gotta resort to using the one at Hoito restaurant. I wish i have a picture now to show you but just imagine one that seems to be used like 80 years ago. It is really ancient and it measures in Pounds. But bohpian no choice, we decided to give it a try when we were having our dinner there. And Die Already. I really put on weight and i think i am looking at at least TWO bloody kilograms.

So over dinner i came up with a 5 Weeks plan to fight my FMFL (fuckmyFATlife), in bid to return home in June in style and not in pounds. We have exactly 5 more weeks here in Thunder Bay and right after that will be a month plus of crazy travelling. And crazy travelling does not allow time for gymming etc and crazy travelling will give me more excuse for me to indulge in good food. So these 5 weeks will really be my Last and Final chance to make a difference to my weight. Hurhur

I want to be a gym rat for the next 5 weeks. Grant me some Will. And Power please.


Written by hswei

March 15, 2010 at 1:57 pm

Posted in Canada, Change, Lose-Weight

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  1. OMG you haven’t gotten off your obsession one bit. You know what? I think it helps not thinking about it.. slowwwwly your appetite goes down for some reason, and food becomes sustenance! That’s kinda what happened to me. Or maybe it’s stress. EH WHEN ARE WE SKYPING!


    March 20, 2010 at 12:01 am

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