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I think the Jack Neo scandal is the only thing that is entertaining me now.

Omg i am So Bored and i never would have thought i would ever get to say this in my life. BORED BORED BORED.

School feels like it came to a sudden halt after that crasi killer week. There is Nothing. No assignments, tests or whatsoever. I can almost say No Class since we have the lecture notes for almost all the classes already. That is why i am having a love/hate relationship with my Ceramics class. It is the only thing that is killing me with my final project due next Monday  and it is kinda the only thing that is keeping me ‘busy’, if Busy means heading down to the studio during my free time tomorrow, and meng roll and meng knead the bloody clay till my hands run dry. By the way Clay sucks the life out of your skin. My poor hands look like it aged 9 years by the end of every class that i feel sad just by looking at it.

So yes, i am complaining that i have nothing to do. I probably would have to take back my word in about 4 weeks’ time when that shit call Exams come, but really need to rant. Wahlaoeh.

For one thing that is worth cheering about is the Weather now. Ever since we came back from our study break, Thunder Bay suddenly just became warmer. I swear a year passed when we were in Vancouver for 10 days. Skeary.

Average temperature is about 4-8 degrees now. It even hit an all-time high of 12 degrees yesterday. It is so weird to be seeing grass and not ice outside my window now. Every thing is melting out there.

Spring is coming. Cheerios


Written by hswei

March 10, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Posted in Canada, Ramblings, School

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