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It is snowing outside right now. And it looks like someone is throwing down little pieces of tissue from upstairs.

But it is still quite surreal to see snow falling right outside my window. I like : )

First day of the week today ! And i am aching all over, all from yesterday’s Snowboarding. But IT WAS WORTH IT.

Last weekend was Winterlude, which was a series of winter activities organized by our school. We did Dog-sledding (Too Cute), watched our school’s Volleyball and Ice Hockey matches (Too Cool) and finally ended our week yesterday with Snowboarding at night at Loch Lomond. (Even more cool.)

On our way to the Loch i swear the hills and everything looked very Twilight. I thought i was in Forks.

The sun was setting and as i sat in the yellow school bus, squeezing with many others who were all equipped with their cool boards and skis, I was simply just so captivated by the snow-covered hills. I wish i had a picture to show but it was difficult to capture with my lousy digital camera. But the best part was when we reached the Loch and that was when I thought i might have just fell in love with Canada.

The ski hills were really larger than life when we are just at the bottom of it and the flood lights made it even more WOAH. (pardon my limited vocabulary) We rented snowboard over skis in the end cos we heard it was easier. Hah, jokes leh. Okay but more about it in a while..

We probably looked damn out of place. We dressed like we were going shopping at the Mall with our wrong coats and jeans and boots. Haha but hhhheck, i think we already looked out of place with the way we manhandled our boards. So anyway, after a few Kodak moments with our snowboards we decided to head out and get started. But jokes, we were really jokes. We took like 10mins trying to figure out how in the world do we fit our boots onto the board and after awhile we just gave up and decided to go Tubbing instead. But Tubbing was equally awesome ! We took the seat lifts up the slope and had the ride of our life down the long slope on the rubber tubes. Never mind that the snow was like Ice Kachang flying into our face. Never mind that we were (or rather me) screaming like some overenthusiastic idiots. But me no care. I think i am entitled to be as excited as i want cos’ the closest thing to all this snow back in Singapore is probably my shaved ice Mango Pomelo.

Snowboarding, i must say, is really Not Easy. Given my current Fit and Flab physique, it was even harder. After we finally figured how to slip onto the boards, we started off easy on flatter grounds and tried our best to learn the thing call Balance. And so our night of heavy tumbles and exaggerated falls started, and we never looked back.

When i say exaggerated falls i really mean Exaggerated. Cos’ we didnt have any form of guidance or whatsoever, the way we try to get up standing and breaking our falls were really quite Something i must say. The way i fell – HAHA. It was those matrix-roll-a-few-times-2-legs-and-snow-in-the-air kind of falls. As a result ? Super bruised knees today and muscle ache eberywhere besides my forehead. And i am also a bit embarrassed to say this but i’m just going to say it. The flesh above my butt crack was burnt too (by snow) Abrasion MAX.

By the end of the night, i am proud to say the 3 of us conquered a huge ass slope (by our standards – we snoowboarded down okay !) and we left the place beaming and in awe with our first ever Snowboard experience. Skiing next up, i so very hope !


Written by hswei

January 19, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Posted in Canada, Weekends

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