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Guess what ? It is mid-week Wednesday already ! Cheerios.

Basic Business Computing class this morning was really Basic. It was a lesson on Microsoft Word and i ended up spending the 1 and a half hours googling for cheap accommodations for Vancouver in Feb. I can’t help but feel so much more happening knowing that we will be in Vancouver when the Winter Olympics starts in February. Woots ! Super actyige though. Before this i knew Nothing of the winter Olympics.

Currently we are having trouble getting hotels/hostels for that period and we resorted to searchfor Homestays instead. Don’t know how our parents are going to take to this plan, and i don’t know if i am telling mine. The mother may scream.

We put ourselves up on the Homestay portal. How adventurous.

We decided to put Canada under ‘Where Are You From’ after like a silly 2mins discussion. Don’t ask me why but i also can’t stand ourselves. Super actyige. HAHA

Oh, by the way i think i just saw one of the nicest night sky here while walking back from class. It was Jade Green in colour, almost unreal, like someone waving a neon green light stick in the sky. How very Twilight.

I wish i have a picture to show you.

Captivating !


Written by hswei

January 14, 2010 at 1:07 pm

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