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I am slowly integrating into this uber laid-back, chillax lifestyle here. I am a Morning Person now. (looks at Jasalin Tang) I wake up at 9ish 10am Eberyday in the morning, no matter what time i go to bed the previous day. Gone are the 6am bedtime and 2pm wake up days. It’s a complete new 2010 me maybe. Hee

It is slowly becoming a routine. I wake up early, head online – Which is the peak online hours in Singapore (9pm-12pm). Skype with foosy foo, eat my cereals breakfast. More online time till class or lunch at Jiahui and Sheryl’s apartment. And the rest of day plays on, with the cold and the Thunder Bay attitude. Haha

it is Week 2 now, almost midweek (hooray !) and somehow i am kinda slowly getting used to things here. Staying in an apartment with 3 caucasian housemates isn’t too bad anymore. The fellow exchange student from Sweden next door (her name is Emma) is very friendly and we have our daily run ins in the kitchen, albeit still a lil’ Awkward at times. Bumped into her at the Superstore on Sunday and to my utmost amazement, she actually Walked to the supermarket all by herself and buy groceries. The distance is like walking from Hougang to AMK maybe ? And mind you, the temperature is at least a negative 20. One word for her – Ups. And then i think i won’t dare to brag about my independence anymore. Haha

5 more minutes before i head upstairs for our Bahkuteh lunch ! No pork ribs though, replaced with chicken wings. Hee. Anthropology class at 4pm later and Aging In Canada class after that. Yes, don’t ask me why in the world i took that class. it’s weird i know. Well, i took Ceramics too didn’t i. I’m on exchange yo !

Massive webcam session with the 3 muskersteers just now. And i thought i was back in Block 6 again : )

PS. I’m on Twitter now !


Written by hswei

January 13, 2010 at 3:39 am

Posted in Canada

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