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It is Day 1 in Thunder Bay and my temperature reader says it’s Minus 23. I am scared to go out.

So it felt like i had 3 days of 1st jan and i must say it was not that great after all. I felt like i didn’t sleep for 3 days.

My last hours at the Changi Airport was like a pardee. I thought i was celebrating my 21st already. But i must say i am really really really Touched and Grateful (tissue come out liao) to have the people i love to be there, for me to say Goodbye before i disappear for 5 months.

So i promised to blog more about eberything over here and yes, i think i will have the time for it now !

Day Zero was a day filled with exasperations, moments when we thought we were going to be stranded in the middle of a ghost town in Minneapolis (we took a train out during the 9hrs transit to explore) and greeted by an empty school campus in Lakehead in the middle of the night upon arrival in Canada. Roars.


Day One was finding myself awake to a very stuffy room (heater too strong i swear) and at a time that reads 8AM. (jetlag jetlag jetlag) Oh yes, did i mention that the temperature was -27 degrees celsius today ?  We went out to Walmart in the afternoon and had our first meal at the Macdonalds. Yes, i am even a bit paiseh to mention this. Haha but no choice bohpian, it was the only food available there and no way we were going to travel to another place when the temperature was like ten times of Vivocity.

Dinner ended up in some Asian restaurant, recommended by the bus driver. I swear it’s cos we are asians. Come on.. Ordered like Vietnamese Pho, Tomyum soup (very the spicy), Glass Noodle, Fried Rice. Eh, for a moment i thought i was back in Hougang or something. But the dinner ended up making friends with the lady boss and she gave us a lift back to campus.

Alrighty, time to upload my pictures now. More from me here later !

I hope tomorrow will be a warmer day, so that i don’t have to feel like my face is going to drop to the ground in flesh and mucus.


Written by hswei

January 3, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Posted in Canada

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