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Approximately 23 more days to School. 

As i am counting down to the return of That, it made me wonder what the hell did i actually accomplish for the past 2 months or so. Kinda regretted not getting a proper job like an internship at a production house or somewhere where i can actually learn Something. Okay, i regretted being lazy now. 

And i can’t decide if i am looking forward to school or not. I am dreading the confinement in Boonlay, and with me alone in a single room this time, foresee lonely times (many). But then again, i am also looking forward (kinda) to a routine and actually use my brain. And with a routine i can eat less and exercise more.. (Noted.) 

But then again I think i shall not complain, la huh. What more can i ask with 4pm wake up timings and home cooked food and unlimited chill out hours with friends and being in civilization (everywhere else besides Boonlay) and party and watch my DVDs till 6ams and many many other things. 

Ahh. 23 more days.


Written by hswei

July 19, 2009 at 3:31 am

Posted in Holidays, Ramblings

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