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Rented it off  iTunes cos i was enticed by the movie poster and i spent US$2.99 on 1 hour and a half of boredom watching it. Fine, maybe i did it all wrong by watching it at 2am. Commentaries after commentaries by font designers and images of Words in everyday places just didn’t go well with my snuggle in my lanket late at night concept. But, it is not a terrible film. I would love it if i were a graphic designer or something. But i am clearly not.

On that, i love to say that i am a huge fan of The Office now. Cleared off the first season within a night and i had a hard time Not laughing to myself. If you love 30 Rock or Arrested Development, this is the show to follow. And with characters like Dwight Shrute, you will know why They say it is one of the “Best Tv sitcom ever.”


For something more serious and action-packed, look none other than 24. Managed to get started and finish off the entire first season recently and though it is not my usual choice of TV sitcoms like 30 Rock, Family Guy,  Greys, L Word et cetera, i absolutely am addicted to this Jack Bauer thing. Love it that every episode is one hour in reel time concept and just somehow Bauer always managed to save the day. 

24 season 1 5 main characters

Looks like i am the queen of TV sitcoms, i’m afraid. I love them all. And that is what i do when i seem seemingly ‘busy with life’, sometimes. But anyway guess what, i have never watch a single episode of Gossip Girl and i am not about to do that anytime soon. I am just not XOXO enough for it. 

Next up – Complete the season 5 of Greys Anatomy.


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June 28, 2009 at 4:30 am

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  1. hi! was just blog hopping and haha i must say i love the office. wanna ask where do you dwl all these tv seasons from? 🙂


    August 17, 2009 at 11:36 pm

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