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On the note of randomness, what would you do if you have won in the S$5m Toto draw today ?

It came to me when my mum complained about the crazy long queues from the lottery booths that was blocking her march into her playground – NTUC Fairprice. I had half a mind to try my luck and purchase one ticket to heaven when i heard that the prize money was a whopping S$5m. But the queue was too crazy for me and i remembered that my Lady Luck disappeared and left me in a lurch 10 years ago.

But what would i do if i won a cool S$5m ?

1. I will first get a financial planner 

2. S$2m will go then to my parents for bringing me up and taking my shit all these years

3. Half a million each to my 2 siblings for taking my shit all these years

K after the math i’m left with S$2m…

4. Pay off my remaining school fees

5. Donate to my alma mater (SN not AC) so that my name will be engraved on the walls forever

6. Donate to several old folks homes, heart disease foundation, kidney dialysis foundation. I probably need them next time.

7. Adopt a child from Malawi and probably name her Shuri.

8. Get a Peugeot even though i have no driving license

9. Holidays with friends and strangers


11. Personal trainer if above doesn’t work out

Alright, suddenly S$5m doesn’t seem that much after all. Or maybe i’m just lousy with money. Give me 5 dollals and i probably forget where i put it next.

What would you do if you have S$5million ?


Written by hswei

May 22, 2009 at 11:43 pm

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  1. because i have nothing better else to do and i so happen to chance across the post.

    lets see with $5m.

    1. Buy a nice condo somewhere to live in
    2. Get a good sized family car
    3. Use the money to fund a good overseas education
    4. Seek advice and invest.
    5. Start my own business
    6. Convert half the remainder into gold bullion and the rest goes to family.

    Chris Lim

    May 26, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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