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The last time i woke up at 630AM was probably 1997 and it was the most painful thing to do this morning. Anything for True Diligence. HAH. 

COM208 module, i would say, is the Mother of bitch for this semester. Studying for it was like understanding Physics when i was Sec 4 and after this morning’s True Diligence, i seriously thought i saw Hope. But CRAP IT, the paper was a little more than a  letdown. RAHH. Never mind that, i then dragged the tired soul back and continued True Diligence on all things Caffeine for the 2nd paper of the day. Media in America, ole. 

MAJOR LETDOWN #2. It was zomg BAD. Like bad jokes like of Bad. Like channel 5 sitcoms kind of Bad. Omgggg. And i think i can go on with this.. 

And I could be at Rachael Yamagata’s concert like now.

Boohoo : (


Written by hswei

April 15, 2009 at 8:18 pm

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