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It’s 2 hours into the early Monday morning. Sipping Peppermint chai and popping Mamee into my sinful mouth.

All these could be accompanied with the Bed and watching my favourite Tv shows on my laptop. But no, i just went through hell and Thank Goodness, i am finally done with my TERM PAPER. Hallelujah to that. 

Roars. The weekends came and go just like that and the dread of heading back to school and face the craziness of school is upsetting. Already, i cannot cope with cramming the whole load of the semester into just 2 weeks of revision. YET, i have to share the time with projects, assignments and quizzes. Alright, stress level is hitting midway. I should stop now. 

Final weeks to the end of the academic year and it is no fun at all. Boo.


Written by hswei

April 6, 2009 at 2:14 am

Posted in School

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