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It’s Monday night and i am safe at home. Niceee.


Today, for the umpteen time, I think my laziness has reached the point of hilarity. And it is not funny.

After a burnt-out weekend (Hall Alumni Day and Surf & Sweat @ Sentosa), my body finally called for a rest after dinner yesterday and i slept Immediately after dinner till noon this afternoon. And then this was another thing i want to talk about.  I was awoken up by Tracy’s sms and i remembered my hair stood up when i read that there was a fatal stabbing case in NTU.

My school. The very first thought that came into my mind was – ‘Oh my gawd. Is it one of my friends?’ What a stupid thought now thinking back.

Firstly, NTU is a school of thousands. I don’t think i have that many friends. And secondly, i do not have many friends in NTU. The chances of it involving One Of My Friends is like how low.

So anyway, past American HIgh-School drama-like incident in NTU, i took my full and big belly and headed of to bed in the afternoon, and woke up, and laughed at my laziness. I felt Gross.

Perhaps it was a natural response from my body. It saw the perfect combination of Rain and Home, and it sensed that it needed to Nua. Hmm.

So yet another night spent on my own sweet bed. (I was too lazy to go back to Hall) My futile attempt at studying for COM202 quiz was a huge failure. I was doing anything (facebook, eating, day-dreaming..) but concentrating on my notes. 

20% – That’s the worth for the quiz on Wednesday.

I am dead meat.


Written by hswei

March 3, 2009 at 1:15 am

Posted in School

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