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The weather is getting warmer. And it is making me annoyed. 

Finally, 2 days had passed after the demise of my unfortunate phone. And i am still feeling the loss every now and then. Yes, i am a victim of the iPhone technology. I cannot live without it. I can’t check my emails when i’m on the bus. I can’t update my calender when someone informs me of an upcoming meeting. I can’t play with the applications when i can’t sleep at night. I can’t listen to my new songs when i’m on the train. I can’t write a note when something comes across my mind. I can’t take pictures and upload it to show the world. I can’t go online whenever i want to. I can’t do a single shit without my phone..

Okay. I think i need to move on, before it gets irritating. 

But i’m really upset about it because i Hate it when i lose something.


Written by hswei

February 16, 2009 at 1:57 am

Posted in Ramblings

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