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Somehow, this week feels incredibly slow. Maybe its the gradual slowdown of IH – Fewer games and trainings. Yay but no yay, for that means my Decalorific opportunities go down and Gasp, CNY is coming. Or maybe i’m still not getting used to the new timetable. Less packed as compared to last sem and i am finding myself slipping back into my humble room during those insanely long breaks and steal a wink or two. 

Today was a pretty good day, forgetting the fact that i actually sat in in a wrong lecture for a whole good 30mins and wondering why the hell was the first lecture movie viewing. It is semester 2 and i am still losing my way in the NTU maze. Go jump down.

SO anyway, our first ever steamboat session at Yunzee’s room today and was really surprised ! (THANK YOU Yunzee, Pearl, Gillian, Joel :)) Haven’t done anything like this before though i’ve been in hall for like 5 years (feels like it) already, la. Though the gas went out on us midway and having difficulty cooking the hilariously large hotdogs and chicken fillets in the pot, really enjoyed the steamboat while engaging in CS gossips and listening to Pearl’s monologues. 🙂

Time to sleep !


Written by hswei

January 14, 2009 at 3:14 am

Posted in Friends, School

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