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Some pictures with the girlfriends. K, only 2 photos actually.


Before i can say “Happy New Year”, we are already 5 days into the first month. 2008 seemed like 10 years ago and i’m like a centimeter closer to turning Twenty. Gasp. 

2008 was a year full of happenings. First 6 months of the year was fun but a little difficult, after which was the full transitional period of moving into hall and adjusting to the new lifestyle. Now, i am glad to bid goodbye to ’08 and wishing for a better one in 2009 ! No new year resolutions for me this year, for i believe it would be the same one that i set it every year and never fulfilled, and that is Losing Weight. For now, i am just hoping for a good semester and awesome CNY. Birthday wise, it is a rather scary thing to be looking forward to cos as of now, i have effectively 4 days of Teens days left. Gaspssssssss.

Okay. It’s 4:14am in Hall right now. First day of school in a few hours time and I am not really looking forward to. It’s January, yet i do not feel the excitement of a new year. WHY.


Written by hswei

January 5, 2009 at 4:35 am

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