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Tuesday – Netball; Wednesday – Basketball; Thursday – Tough Rugby Friendly Match

Yeah. Totally Sporty Gal now.

The amount of perspiration i perspired during training in these 3 days were probably more than my 6 years worth of Javelin trainings combined. But instead of feeling fitter, i’m feeling worse than ever about myself cos i practically pant and played like a Dog on court. My non-existent fitness is near sub-zero. Another reminder to self: Javelin IVP next week. Holy moly.

Today’s Touch Rug was FUN. Though got intimidated by the fact that we were going to play against NTU’s Touch team (#1 Team, mind you) and that it was only my 2nd training with the CS team, the match really opened my eyes to the world of Touch. And not to mention my very dramatic fall during the match, where by for the first time in my life i got Pushed/Knocked Over by someone. ‘Pushed’ is a very delicate way of putting it already. My normally stingy usage of expletives was forced out aloud at the Pusher and got to recall my Rage Management 101. Roars. But yes nevertheless, it was a great experience to play with the team. 

Team sports are just so much more fun. I’ve been deprived for many years.


Written by hswei

October 10, 2008 at 2:10 am

Posted in Hall, School

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