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Total Distance = 35km

Total Cyclists = 140

Route = NTU to East Coast Park

Time Taken = 11:30PM to 6:00AM

So yeah, Hall 2 annual Night Cycling is finally over. It was 2 days ago but my fat arse is still sore. And i’m still damn shagged from the lack of sleep. Got home and has barely 3hours of sleep that day before going off to Gavin’s for pigeon BBQ (at Bukit Batok) and rushing off to Aaron’s 21st (at Pasir Ris) again halfway though. Weow. After some underwear tearing session (the boys) and overdue lantern burning ceremony, we decided to drive to Terminal 3 for more chilling out. Chilled out with the Yeahras till about 5AM before we decided to call in a day. Roars.




Written by hswei

September 22, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Posted in Hall, Weekends

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