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Freshman Blues.

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Suddenly, the weeks left to the start of school seem so short and i’m panicking.

Just received some email from Hall and apparently we can start moving in Next Week.

No More Time !!!!!

And my room mate thing is in a mess because i don’t know how am i going to do a mutual swap for Xinyi before the moving in when i have zero clue of the Stranger i’m allocated to. And after talking to many seniors, I have been taught the art of Kiasu-ism. I need to get down to NTU fast and choose the room i want before the 25th. But great, the whole world seems to have received the Hall Confirmation letter and so far i have got None. I am the Forgotten.

Whatever it is. I can’t believe i got to try to move into Hall before the Hall camp starts, which starts on the 28th i think. And to my greatest horror, Hall Camp is not 3 days not 5 days but 8 days. O-M-G to the Maximum.

I don’t think i can tahan 8 days yo !

Roars. Suddenly there seem to be a sudden gush of things To-Do everyday. And somehow i am pretty nervous about moving into Hall.. I feel Homesick even at the thought of it. Like i feel Homesick now already even when i’m home now. Feels like i’m going in for a really Long camp. Hah ! I can just slap myself and go jump down. I am a panicking Freshman (Hate being called freshieeeeeeeeees btw.) And that is totally Uncool.


Written by hswei

July 17, 2008 at 1:53 am

Posted in Hall

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